Pedro Javier González – Guitar
Horacio Fumero – Double bass

Flamenco / Jazz / Traditional

The two artists who make up this duet have had individual experiences that have been clearly marked by the instruments they play: a Spanish guitar is rarely far from the music of flamenco, and the double bass is an instrument that owes a large part of its development to jazz. If we add to this the fact that we are talking about two musicians of Iberian and Latin American heritage, born on opposite shores of the Atlantic Ocean, we quickly see the outline of their musical discourse take shape.


Pedro Javier González joins the long list of illustrious musicians who have interpreted this musical masterpiece by Joaquín Rodrigo over the years, turning it into the most well-known piece of Spanish music in the world.
It is divided into three movements: it begins as an allegro con spirito grounded in folk tradition and dance mood; then goes on to the famous adagio dialogue between the guitar and the orchestra, and finally ends with an allegro gentile that evokes courtly dancing.